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Daewoo Pricing Strategy in Pakistan


One service, but you can always charge more to people who can pay.

To go to Islamabad/Pindi it costs Rs.1010 (11.6USD) now. I think 3 years ago it cost about Rs.780.  ‘Ouch’.

But people didn’t get intimated with the price, in fact, Daewoo now operates a Lahore-Pindi bus every hour (if not half an hour).

This happens because:

1. There is a lot of commute for business people, their families, or young students between these 2 cities.

2. These people rather to relax in the journey even if they do have cars to drive.

For instance, there was a lady who traveled with her 3 small kids on daewoo bus to see her family in Islamabad.  Reality is that she doesn’t have any other option.


So yah, it is not that I have something against daewoo. I like how women are allowed to be bus attendants, I like the fact that they are allowed to work.  But then again, when you are so successful in Pakistan, what are you doing for the community besides taking money from the poor? (me).   I paid Rs.1010 for my bus today and I definitely weren’t too happy. Why? Because the telephone-booking service was just cancelled. It was quite inconvenient that I had to physically come to Daewoo first for the tickets.  Yet the company chose to be unfriendly…  :(   And then of course, if I could go to SWAT just by paying Rs.230 (2.6USD) extra then why shouldn’t I go there?  Fine, I need to go to SWAT for a good reason and that can’t possibly be wasting Daewoo’s fuel…


So I am just saying (as it is my blog), sometimes things happen for no reason (see below, 5 km/hour limit? Any human being walks at 6km/hour!)  But it is still better than things happening for a bad reason..    But it is like KMT coming to Taiwan, they brought constructions (roads) yet they also used up resources.

Fine, how about discounts for students? That will make me happier….!